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Since Romania’s admission to the EU, it has been a significant harmonization of Romanian law with EU employment legislation. In general, this has resulted in increased responsibilities for employers (Romanian and International) and the need for employers to increase their diligence in order to ensure compliance with the new Romanian laws in order to create good relations with their workforces and the local labor agencies.

D.D. Law Firm in Romania can provide extremely accurate advice, and has a very creative approach in this field, in which our Romanian lawyers have acquired extensive experience. The legal services we offer in this regard are as follows:

  • Individual employment agreement (CIM)
  • Employment Litigation – Dismissal / Lay-off
  • Expatriates Labor Regime
  • Employees Incentive Programs
  • Romanian Citizenship and Immigration Law
  • Providing or prolonging visa
  • Work permits and temporary staying permits
  • Gaining or regaining the Romanian citizenship

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